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Refurbished vs new phones: Which is better?

We all want the latest tech, but is splashing out on a brand new phone always the best idea? Many of us do so without a second thought when replacing our mobiles. But there’s another option that could save you lots of money and help the planet too (without skimping…

What are refurbished phones? Everything you need to know

  Mobile phones are getting slicker and more impressive as time goes on, with new and upgraded features being added all the time. Unfortunately, this has led to a corresponding rise in prices for new models — there’s a reason most of us don’t buy our mobiles up front. What…

Are refurbished phones good?

In our opinion, refurbished phones are the best thing since sliced bread. Sure, you might not be getting a brand new phone that’s never been used before, but you might as well be when you buy from Aznu. Plus, they’re good for your bank account and good for the environment…

Aznu partners with The Woodland Trust

Working together to drive environmentally conscious behaviour Monday 21st March 2022  Today is International Day of Forests. And what better way to celebrate it, than to announce our official partnership with The Woodland Trust – the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity – in the first of many moves we’re planning…

5 reasons why we’re the best thing since whipped coffee

Why are we comparing ourselves to whipped coffee? Because it’s a game changer. Like us. This blog is what we like to call ‘evergreen’. Because the reasons why we’re the best choice for buying a phone will never change.  So here they are, in no particular order. Although the top…

You don’t need to buy a new phone

Why we’re cancelling buying brand-new phones Your phone’s battery’s been dying faster, charging takes three times longer, and your side buttons are unsettlingly sticky. Maybe you’ve even got a crack or two in the screen. Or you’ve just got sick of staring at the same surface day in, day out.…

How buying an Aznu phone helps the environment (we’re serious!)

  You might be reading this searching for some good reasons to choose a refurbished phone over buying brand-new. Decisions, decisions. What do I get? What do I not get? Will all my apps work? Will it be clean? Will it have a decent camera? I don’t want a giant…